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The golf swing that I promote is based on my experience of learning to play golf from being a hacker to a reasonable golfer and during this period I have learnt how to play much better golf and I can pass this information to you.


Brief Analysis.

The back swing movement is the bedrock of the golf swing and therefore if you can perform it correctly you will have a solid foundation for a top quality golf swing.

( I cannot stress it too strongly, the back swing is the key to playing very good golf.)

The back swing movement is all about the rotation of the shoulders whilst the hips are firmly held in the original address position so that there is absolutely no swaying action whatsoever, but ensuring that the club face remains square to the ball position of as long as possible.


The down swing movement is all about using the rotational movement of the hips in a very active and aggressive way, thus forcing the upper body to follow its movement.
( The straightening the right arm at impact and the flaying action of the golf club, simply add extra power into the shot.)

( See slow motion videos of the ten top golfers in the world )

(You will note that all the golfers in the video hold the left arm close to the right shoulder for a considerable time as the hip rotates into the down swing movement.)

The important point about the golf swing is that the down swing /follow through movement must follow a sequence where the hip rotational movement simply force a very passive upper body unit to follow its movement.


At the end of the back swing movement the upper body unit is held at the end of the back swing position for a milli-second, whilst the hips begin to rotate towards the target area, thus building up the torsion of the muscles.

Down Swing Movement.

Therefore as the hips are physically forced to rotate towards the target area and simultaneously the left leg begins to straighten, the torsion of the muscles reach a point where the upper body unit is forced to follow the movement of the hips.

However although the hips are continually applying its pulling power on the upper body unit, thus pulling the club head into and through the contact area-- during the later stage of the down swing movement the arms interact thus adding extra power into the shot, but that is an advanced movement that can be introduced at a later stage.

However as the hips continue to force the compact upper body unit into the down swing and into the follow through movement, the upper body and the hips rotate around different planes, therefore in order to maintain the body angles the waist line must perform as a universal joint

This quite simple action will give you a very accurate golf shot.

The distance that you hit the ball is very dependent on the speed of the club head which is created by the flaying action of the golf club and finally the straightening of the right arm as the ball is struck.

Obviously there is a bit more to it than that, but that is what the basic downswing movement is based on.


You will often find that a top sports person who plays a game which involves hitting an object with a bat, a club or a cue of some sort, can adopt another sport/activity and achieve a very high standard in the chosen sport/activity quite quickly.

A lot of the achievement can be put down to the intensity and the time that they put into the new sport/activity of their choice, but one single element contributes greatly to them adapting to the new sport, they have very good eye to ball contact.

In other words, in golf for example, better golfers actually watch the ball until the club head strikes the ball -- in fact they watch for a longer period than the average person prior to the moment of contact, and they also swing the golf club to the bottom of the swing arc.

This action of watching the ball until the club head makes contact with the ball becomes even more critical as the golfer reaches a higher level, because at the top level of golf the ball is struck with such a high velocity that only thing that separates a very good shot from a poor shot for a top golfer is the ability to watch the ball for that extra milli-second until the club head struck the ball. --- In contrast, the average golfer takes their eye off the golf ball a fraction of a second -- before it is struck.

This lack of understanding of this basic principle is one of the main obstacles to the average golfer.


Unfortunately most golfers who read this web site will dismiss my analysis of the golf swing without a second thought because I am not a "celebrity golf coach" -- therefore it is only the golfer who is prepared to have an open mind about my teachings and go to the golf range to practice my instructions -- these are the golfers that will prosper.


So if you really want to play much better golf and you are prepared to absorb this information, this web site will teach you how to play a very consistent and accurate game of golf.

Just remember, the golf swing that I as described in this web site has exactly the same principle movements that allow the majority of the professional golfers to play the game at the top of their profession.


So if you have an open mind on how the golf swing is performed and you are prepared to accept that the golf swing I teach is an accurate reflection on the way the professionals golfer play the game, but describing the important factors that will enable you to hit the ball long and straight, then you will already be on the road to achieving a very good golf swing.


As a point of interest you often hear top golf instructors say that that a golfer should only have one or two swing thoughts as they prepare to make a golf swing -- in reality this only applies to a golfer who has already developed a well structured golf swing.

Therefore if you want to reach the stage of having a well structured golf swing it is vital that you learn the basic principles and the basic movements of the golf swing and practice these movements until they become second nature to perform.

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