The Basic Steps to Perfect Golf.

By Philip A Gorfett.

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The perfect golf swing is performed when you allow the rotational movement of the hips to totally control the rotational movement of the upper body unit from the moment the down swing movement begins, right through to the completion of the golf swing movement.

To achieve this aim, you have to learn to rotate the hips towards the target area whilst the upper body unit remains in a totally passive condition for this period.


The main object of the back swing is to rotate a very compact upper body unit around the central axis of the spine, however from the very beginning of the down swing movement, the rotational movement of the hips assume total control over the rotational movement of upper body unit in order to return the club head back to the ball, square to the target line and at the maximum velocity you can achieve.

To achieve maximum accuracy you must ensure that the hands are always ahead of the club head whilst it is swung through the contact area and into the follow through.

The only time the arms are allowed to move independently of the shoulders is when the arms are forced to interact at the precise moment the club head makes contact with the ball.


Therefore during the down swing, it is vital that the hips totally control the rotational movement of the compact upper body unit to such a degree so that the club head makes contact with the ball at the precise moment the hands return to the original address position, therefore you must practice the timing of the action so that you can perform this most efficiently.

But importantly, the hips must continue to rotate towards the target area, thus continuing to force the compact upper body unit to rotate around the central core of the spine, whilst the arms interact, thus ensuring that the hands and the club head move towards the target area at the same speed, but importany, the continual rotational movement of the hip movement forces the whole body to turn to fully face the target area at the same speed the hands are moving towards the target area.


As the hips force the compact upper body unit to rotate around the central core of the spine during the down swing /follow through movements, you must:-

1) Maintain the upper body angles.

2) You must watch the back of the ball until the club head strikes the ball.

3) You must also keep the head in the fixed frontal facing position until well after the ball has been struck.

The golf swing that I teach is a simple but effective movement that utilizes basic principles to ensure that the ball goes in the direction you are aiming and these are all covered within my web site.

This web site begins with an Introduction section and then it goes on to give instruction over 10 lesson.

Lesson 01 - The Set Up.

Lesson 02 - The Lower Body.

Lesson 03 - The Upper Body.

Lesson 04 - The Back Swing.

Lesson 05 - The Down Swing.

Lesson 06 - The Follow Through.

Lesson 07 - Chipping & Pitching.

Lesson 08 - Putting.

Lesson 09 - How to Fade the Ball.

Lesson 10 - How to Draw the Ball.

This is not a "quick fix" course of lessons.

It has taken me over thirty five years to find the vital keys to playing very good golf and it has been a slow and traumatic experience and regular readers will know that I have changed my description of how the golf swing should be performed a few times over the years in order to find the correct description of the elusive perfect swing, however I feel satisfied that the right combination has been found.

My experience could have been less traumatic if I discovered these vital keys when I first started playing golf, but the good news is that you do not have to wait thirty years because you can benefit by my experience and play much better golf sooner, rather than later.

All of the movements and tips that I describe will individually enhance the quality of your golf, but it important to understand that you have to practice each movement until it becomes embodied into the subconscious mind before you can hope to achieve any benefit on the golf course

So do not expect too much, too soon.

How good you become will depend on the amount of time and effort that you are prepared to put aside to learn to play golf as per my instructions.

This web site has the potential for you to achieve a level of golf that you would have thought impossible therefore this is your chance to capitalise on my research, so do not let this opportunity slip by, believe me you will not regret learning how to play golf my way.

Unfortunately most golfers who read this web site will dismiss my analysis of the golf swing without a second thought because I am not a "celebrity golf coach" therefore it is only the golfer who is prepared to have an open mind about my teachings and go to the golf range to try out my theories that will prosper.

Anyone who looks at this web site and does not even attempt to follow the teaching will depriving themselves of the opportunity to learn how to play a very good game of golf.

Therefore if you really want to play much better golf and you are prepared to absorb this information, this web site will teach you how to play a very consistent and accurate game of golf.

Just remember, the golf swing as described in this web site has exactly the same principle movements that allow the majority of the professional golfers to play the game at the top of their profession.

So if you have an open mind on how the golf swing is performed and you are prepared to accept that the golf swing I teach is an accurate reflection on the way the professionals golfer play the game, but describing the important factors that will enable you to hit the ball long and straight, then you will already be on the road to achieving a very good golf swing.

This is the only web site that will teach you the correct way to play top quality golf.

As you follow the lessons, my method will gradually become part and parcel of your normal game, so follow my instructions and give it the necessary time to allow my method to become embedded into your subconscious.

As a point of interest, you often hear top golf instructors say that that a golfer should only have one or two swing thoughts as they prepare to make a golf swing -- in reality this only applies to a golfer who has already developed a well structured golf swing.

Therefore if you want to reach the stage of having a well structured golf swing it is vital that you learn the basic principles and the basic movements of the golf swing and practice these movements until they become second nature to perform.

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